Anxiety/Panic Attack


Anxiety &  Panic Attacks

People may suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and not even know that is what they are dealing with.  Not knowing what you are dealing with adds so much more fear to an already overwhelming experience.  The common symptoms of anxiety are:  a constant overall sense of fear, tightness in the chest, difficulty focusing, inability to concentrate or retain information, a sense of dread that something bad is going to happen, feeling scared, restlessness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, an urge to run away, feeling tired all the time, a dry mouth, sighing, an inability to feel relaxed, keyed up, and possibly a dizzy feeling.

A panic attack is a very strong fearful feeling that may seem to come from nowhere with a tight grip on your chest.  It may be accompanied by an odd sense of disconnection from the rest of the world.  Your thoughts  may be spinning very fast and the more you try to figure out what is going wrong and trying to fix it, the worse it gets.  Very often people obsessively fear the feelings returning and they begin to avoid certain places and situations mistakenly believing these locations/events somehow brought about the oppressing feelings.  Little by little the person’s world may become smaller and smaller with fewer and fewer places they feel comfortable.  People commonly fear that these feelings are a sign that they are going crazy, and they doubt ever having a normal life again.

I teach people how to identify anxiety and panic and the root of those feelings.  Understanding the physiological aspect of anxiety and panic clears up a great deal of misunderstandings about what is really occurring.  I help clients change how they perceive their anxious feelings and provide them with the tools necessary to begin to feel relief.  This is an issue that people can recover from completely if they are willing to do what it takes to apply the skills.  Not only can and do people return to a normal life; they can realize a better life with more peace and calm.


Anger is the most difficult place for all of us to make positive improvements.  That is because in the angry moment, we are feeling good and intoxicated with the powerful energy of our anger.  It often pops up when something unexpected is occurring in our life and it is hitting us in a sensitive area; reacting with anger is an unconscious attempt to feel powerful in a situation where we otherwise feel powerless.

I have the greatest respect for the people who can admit they are struggling with how to better handle their anger.  That is what is required in taking the first steps to get to know what this is all about.  It is a tough behavior pattern to get a handle on, but if done correctly, where all the layers of what is involved is addressed, people can successfully get beyond this stuck pattern.  Again, it will take hard work, patience and persistence to help ourselves through this process of healing.


I help my clients get to know what their anger is really about, how to deal with the energy of anger in an easy and stress-free way, and to expose what is buried underneath their anger.  If you are the one with the anger issue, it’s okay to admit that you are having a problem.  The people around you will only love and respect you more, knowing that you care that much for them, that you are willing to seek help.

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